Answers struggle

1. Introduction

Invested in data, team, tools and time, yet still struggling for answers?

What haven't you done?

1a. The missing piece of the puzzle

You are on top of your data.

You understand your business.

You have hired the best team for your money.

And yet, still no tangible answers.

2. Here's what you need to fix

Change your perspectives to make things work.

The solution is like the problem. It has multiple aspects. There isn’t a simple, single one-thing-fix-all.

2a. Over-expecting and under-powered

One part of the solution is that you are over-expecting from under-powered participants.

Your rockstars need to understand your business, your data and your users, equally well. They need to be able to transfer that understanding into models that reflect user behavior and/or preferences. They need to be able to convert that acumen into opportunity models, risk models, execution models.They need to be able to translate that wisdom into making your biz goals easier to achieve. All of this needs to happen, like, yesterday. They are running behind the curve from the get-go. It’s an impossible case.

2b. Empower right

Although, this may not be what you want to hear. You need to empower your team more. They need to be able to get the following clarity quickly and easily from their business and their data.

They need to be able to determine:

  1. Does the data describe their problem?
  2. Do the lead indicators reflect users behavior?
  3. Is execution a part of the solution?

This is exactly the objective of Answers journey for enterprises. We leverage AI to address and get your answers quickly and efficiently.

2c. Re-purpose and re-focus

The other change that is required, is a mindset one. We recommend your re-purpose and re-focus your energies.

Re-purpose away from focusing on technology - and focus more on understanding the problem area.

Invest in knowing your users - not knowing the latest AI jargon.

Invest in understanding the different flavors of your problem - instead of trying different data science approaches

Leverage a complete end-2-end tools based approach rather than an experimental one.

Go complete and comprehensive AIO (all-in-one) - get a complete end-to-end solution, rather than spending months and months overcoming integration challenges amongst vendors.

Partner with experts in providing enterprise answers, rather than transactional ones.

Now, imagine using a complete solution to help you:'s Answers Journey is what you need.

2d. Re-energize existing investments

Your existing investments are not sunk costs. Far from it. We don't believe in build vs buy. We say do both. Once you are on the Enterprise Answers Journey, leverage your existing investments to fast-track your enterprise answers in other areas. You can re-energize your outputs. Double your velocity. Maximize your opportunities. Get advanced enterprise gains.

2e. Pit stop

Before we move forward, let’s just quickly summarize how JetFerry “approach” will help you get enterprise answers.

  1. Move from over-expectations and under-powered to a balanced tool-based approach
  2. Change your mindset. Reboot from a “learning the technology and AI” perspective. Re-purpose and re-focus on the problem areas and the user behaviour understanding.
  3. Re-energize your existing investments based on the new approach. Get more done.

3. Next Steps

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