Old Way or the Right Way!

If it’s taking your current BI more than 5 minutes to see your first visualization, days for analysis your doing it the old way! is AI-driven BI.

It’s a self-service model of getting visualizations, trends & patterns, with just a few clicks.

AI finds insights which humans can’t, in just a few hours.

All automated.


Wasteful Insights vs Workable Insights!

Have you spent millions on your BI tool and still only have half an answer. An Insight on what’s possible, but no roadmap on how to achieve it? offers a better solution, our industry leading Prescriptive Analytics.

It’s an optimized execution roadmap based on your current available resources, their utilization levels and existing process, all re-purposed to meet your targets! All automated, AI-driven and saving you millions at the same time!


Beware Cost Trap?

Power BI needs weeks of training and months for meaningful use. There’s Microsoft vendor lock-in and expect millions in hidden costs: (licensing, expensive manpower, additional users., Platform costs). Do the math! is an easy-to-use self-service point-n-click solution.

No training required in any language or APIs.

One great product, one price for any number of users!!

No Hidden Costs!!