Trudging through your NR / Damaged claims daily & still missing full receivables?

  • Trudging through Reimbursement Claims processing all day long?
  • Slow and complicated refund process makes it a nightmare across website/portal
  • Frustrated with existing capabilities of reporting tools such as Excel, etc.
  • Reduce dependency on human reporting specialists, reduce team size
  • Aggravating to deal with refund declines due to data collation errors.
  • Refund processing negatively impacts day-to-day business
  • Unable to drill down your existing MIS/reports across product, region, warehouse, department, category, sub-category, and/or SKU.

Flash-track processing, maximize claims and reduce declines

  • Automate returns claims processing, covering:
  • Non-reimburse-able charges: i.e. GST, fixed fees, gateway charges, fulfillment charges, etc.
  • Different types of return cases - not received, damaged box,, product damage, empty box, lost in transit, missing accessories, seal opened, used, wrong product, etc.
  • Deep-dive claims analytics across dimensions such as: portal, category, sub-category, warehouse, SKU and even price slabs
  • Increase accuracy of claims & Reduce refund declines
  • Collect unclaimed refunds owed to you & Reduce your losses
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