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  • What is selling and what is not?
  • Best current sales mix across brand, channel, category and partner?
  • Which partners are heavily influenced by discounts?
  • Targets vs actuals across zones, channels, brands, categories and partners?
  • Which brand sells better in which zone?
  • Which category sells better in which zone?
  • Which SKU sells better in which zone?
  • Where to place low-priced items?

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  • Sales Trends Analysis across brand, channel, category, and partner.
  • Sales Discount trends and patterns
  • Zone-wise sales, discount, price, cancellations and returns deep-dive
  • Price trends analysis across brands, channels, categories, partners and zones
  • Cancellations analysis across locations/zones, brands and categories
  • Returns trends and patterns across locations, brands, partners and categories
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