Key Benefits for NBFCs

Reduce customer acquistion

On-boarding: Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost

Problem: Low conversions, due to sub-optimum customer segmentation in an on-going challenge for NBFCs.

Need: Improved Conversion Rates, Reduced Acquisition Cost, fine-tuned Lead Ageing


  • Self-service dashboards that deliver on-demand Customer segmentation empowers segment-specific sales strategy.
  • Real-time view of the sales pipeline, enables supervisors to be agile in adapting responsive strategies.

Servicing: Empower Agents

Problem: Limited Agent knowledge, Reduce field collection agent burden.

Need: Strengthen knowledge-sharing with DSA and field agents


  • Interactive chatbot that shares knowledge and answers to common queries. Creates service tasks, schedules appointments
  • Automated reminders / follow-up tracking
  • Analytics to highlight top performers and those needing additional support
Servicing: Empower Agents
Performance: Deliver Richer value to Customers

Performance: Deliver Richer value to Customers

Problem: Lower Product/Customer match. Low Debt Recovery

Need: Sharper Customer and Risk profiling


  • Identify segments based on potential customer’s investment risk appetite. Share flexible loan options based on their profile.
  • Real-time view of funding, exposure, real-time reconciliation
  • Better compliance and fraud management
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